Tips For Choosing A Travel CPAP Machine

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A travel CPAP is much more compact and portable compared to the machine you typically use at home. It is also easier to fly with since it is a medical device and won't count against any carry-on restrictions. Not all travel CPAP devices are created equally, though. The following information can help you select the best device for your specific needs.

Power Source

The best travel machines give you the option of both cord and battery power, with an option for replaceable batteries or rechargeable types. The battery can provide power in the event that there is no outlet available on your trip. There are even models that come with an integrated solar charger, which could be a lifesaver on longer camping trips. It's also important to consider the battery life of the unit you are looking at, with longer life being preferred.


Travel CPAP devices can come with different accessories, most designed to increase comfort during use. For example, look for portable devices with an auto ramp feature that slowly increases the pressure to your setting, which is more comfortable than the alternative. Another good feature to look for is data tracking. It can be especially important to track sleep data, particularly when traveling, so you can stay on top of your health. Other accessory features, such as display type and decibel settings, may also be important, depending upon your preferences.


The portability of the machine is very important. If you will be flying with your CPAP, verify that the model you choose is TSA-approved so that you won't have to place it in your checked luggage. Further, look for lightweight devices. There are options that are under 2 pounds, which are much more portable than heavier models. Many travel machines come with their own padded and protected travel bag, which simplifies any transport issues.


Everyone requires different functionality from their CPAP machine, so it is vital to make sure the travel model you choose meets your requirements. The most important thing to check is the pressure range of the model you are considering so that you can verify that it can provide pressure at your required setting. Another thing to look at is whether the machine has a humidifier. Many users simply can't use a machine without humidifier capabilities due to nasal irritation. Even if you normally don't need a humidifier, it may be a requirement if you are planning to travel to a much drier climate.

Contact a CPAP supplier to learn more about the travel options available.