Home Delivery Services For Single Parents Of Multiple Sick Children

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Running errands with multiple small children in tow can be challenging at best, but it can be next to impossible when the children are ill, particularly for single parents. What can a single parent do to get the necessary items to help their sick children, when the children are projectile vomiting or running fevers? Home delivery, that's what. Here are several ways that home delivery can benefit single parents with sick children. 

Medication & baby necessities from a pharmacy

Medication and baby essentials, such as formula, diapers, and baby wipes, can be ordered and delivered by a pharmacy. You can ask your children's pediatrician to send the prescriptions to a pharmacy that delivers medication, if the pediatrician sends prescriptions via email, texts, or phone calls. If your pediatricians office does not, don't worry. Most pharmacies that provide home delivery as an option can pick up handwritten prescriptions from local physicians. Some pharmacies also have phone answering services after hours. That way, you can call in for delivery at any time, even after spending most of the night in the local emergency department with a sick child. 

When you do place an order for home delivery through a pharmacy, be sure to also order a stock of antibacterial hand sanitizer, to try to reduce the spread of germs during this challenging time. It's also a good idea to order sanitary, disposable sleeves for your thermometer, or order a box of disposable thermometer strips. Add in an order for a new set of toothbrushes, so you can quickly dispose of the old, germ-laden toothbrushes. 

Disinfecting & hygiene products from a local grocery store 

Germs can run rampant in households with small children. As much as you try to stay on top of things, it can be difficult to clean and disinfect everything, when you are not prepared to do so as extensively as is needed when multiple children are sick. If you find yourself running out of cleaning and disinfecting products, a local grocery store with home delivery service can be immensely helpful in supplying your needs. 

You'll also need to be sure to have an adequate supply of hygiene products, particularly toilet paper and facial tissues. Little ones who are suffering from stomach bugs while being potty trained can definitely go through heaps of toilet paper. If you find yourself running low on these essential products, call in an order for home delivery.

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