About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

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Are you suddenly experiencing a dry vagina and excessive moodiness? It is possible that the cause of your condition is menopause. There are ways for coping with the symptoms; one of which is by undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Take a look at the information in this article to learn more about menopause and overcoming the symptoms.

1. The Cause of Menopause

Menopause is a natural occurrence in a woman's body in preparation for stopping childbirth from being possible. The condition happens because the body is no longer able to produce sufficient levels of the hormones known as progesterone and estrogen. The reduced level of hormones leads to the ovaries to stop releasing eggs each month. It is most common for women who are over 40 to go through menopause. However, you must also keep in mind that premature menopause can be experienced for women who are under the age of 40.

2. Symptoms to Watch for

There are many symptoms that are associated with going through menopause, and some of them are more severe than others. Experiencing hot flashes is one of the typical symptoms. You might suddenly feel excessively hot and need to turn the air conditioner on. Don't be surprised if you also start noticing that your hair falls out more than usual. A few of the other symptoms that you can watch out for include excessively dry skin, the inability to control your bladder, feeling stressed all of the time, and the inability to fall asleep at night.

3. Undergoing Treatment for Symptoms

The best way to control the symptoms experienced from menopause is via bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Basically, a specialist will help with increasing the levels of estrogen in your body, as lack of estrogen is the main reason for the symptoms. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy involves you being given a prescription for synthetic estrogen hormones. There are numerous ways in which the hormones can be placed inside of your body, including via gel, pills, or cream. There is also a patch that can be worn, which releases the hormones into your body through your skin.

4. Risks That Are Possible

There are a few risks that are possible with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. For example, there will be the risk of having a stroke. Breast cancer is one of the other possible risks. Speak to a specialist like those at Pharmacy Solutions to learn more about hormone therapy to decide if it is right for you.